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BRACKET CRANE (Page 4 to 4)
Electrical equipment
From the crane’s general connection via the pivot and controls, electrical leads of appropriate section and protection are distributed to each of the different mechanisms. They mainly comprise:

Electric box
This contains the inverse contacts for each movement, protective fuses and a transformer for low-voltage currents from the controls. All of this is wired up to a terminal.
On the side of this box is a junction box that allows the entry of external leads.

Power terminal
The general circuit power terminal receives the main supply and the supply from the control, distributing them through many circuits to the different mechanisms via the electric box.

The crane is controlled via a set of buttons at the base of the pivot. This contains the switches for the permanent controls - two for each movement.
For safety, every movement has a pre-determined cut-off point. The exception to this is the rotation movement, which can continue uninterrupted.

It is important that all mechanisms are easily accessible so that they can be checked and maintained. This is achieved by a long ladder that is attached to the pivot and allows access to a platform from which the bearing and turning mechanism can be checked.

From the platform there is another short ladder that provides access to the back section of the boom and the top section from which the hoist tackle and its auxiliary installation can be checked.

1. Platform with guard rail

2. Ladder with safety cage

Surface protection and paint treatment

Surface protection and paint treatmentThe initial treatment of the entire structure starts with initial sandblasting with SA 2 ½ sand and cleaning with compressed air.

The following primer coats are then applied:

- 60 microns of two-component, polyamide-cured epoxy paint Hempadur Zinc Primer 15360. The whole surface is then pressure washed with soapy water.

Surface protection and paint treatment- Two 100 micron thick base coats of Hempadur Hi-Build 45200 two-component, polyamide-cured epoxy paint.

- Two 30 micron top coats of aliphatic isocyanate Hempel’s Polynamel 55100 polyurethane gloss enamel.

The crane is supplied with items for moving loads that comprise a set of slings and a lifting frame with the appropriate dimensions for the intended vessels.

The frame’s special shape allows it to move sailboats with keels by placing the two heads parallel to the sides and the core perpendicular to the keel, which allows the mast to be freed.

Also, depending on the size of boat, the frame can be positioned with the core parallel to the keel.
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