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      Traditional gangway
      Bridge gangway
      Accordion gangway
      Monorail gangway
      Mobile boarding staircase
      Gangway components

  Boarding Gangway Index
· Introduction

· General Characteristics
  Types of Gangway:

· Traditional gangway

· Bridge gangway

· Accordion gangway

· Monorail gangway

· Mobile boarding staircase
  · Gangway components  
GangwayThe rapid increase in maritime passengers has forced ports to adopt a series of measures aimed at facilitating the boarding process within increasingly demanding parameters for safety and comfort. Mobile boarding gangways are a key element in this area.

Boarding gangway design must, on the one hand, comply with the very different characteristics of operating vessels which vary greatly in terms of the height of access required; on the other hand, they must also bear in mind the features of the quays on which they must operate (reduced width, restricted load capacity, etc.).

Likewise, one must also bear in mind that modern maritime terminals are characterised by global designs with high visual impact. Boarding gangways are the entrance to the city, which is why it is essential them to integrate into the surroundings.

The gangways designed by ITP comply with European Federation of Materials Handling standards and ISO9001, and can be adapted to other international standards.
The most important aspects when choosing and designing a boarding gangway are the quay’s characteristics and height above sea level.
The gangway’s basic geometry is chosen while bearing in mind the maximum inclines established by the relevant standards, the available dimensions and the necessary range, and a study is conducted in order to select the most suitable models.
General Characteristics
- Adaptability to all types of marine passenger terminals.

- Designed in compliance with European Federation of Materials Handling standards and ISO9001, and can be adapted to other international standards.

- Quality assurance of all processes through:
          - Quality certification of materials.
          - Quality control of metal sheets and sections through non-destructive tests.
          - Welding control through non-destructive tests.
          - Control of the painting process and the thickness of each coat applied.
          - Operational tests and inspections.
          - Inspections and tests of safety features.
          - Control of load tests.

- Automatically follow vessel movements thanks to the specially designed hydraulic circuit flotation system.

- Hydraulic systems start with progressive action, allowing very gentle movement.

- Movement control by PLC.

- Cleaning system for the surface treatment to prevent the structure rotting in the harshest marine environments.

- Many optional accessories:
          - Safety mechanism for automatically withdrawing the gangway.
          - Coverings made from all sorts of aesthetic materials with high visibility.
          - Ventilation and air conditioning systems.
          - Hydraulic and electro-mechanical movement, elevation and range mechanisms.


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